How can I make impact happen?

Throughout my career, I have served as a thought partner to clients seeking the answer to this very question. Those who succeeded knew what they wanted to accomplish and why it would matter. They understood that aligning their actions with their values made achieving goals not only possible but a likely outcome.

In these uncertain times, making a difference has taken on new meaning, which is why I made the decision to expand the services I offer at Combs Advisory Services to include individual and executive coaching. My philosophy is simple: helping individuals, as well as organizations, achieve their highest potential by creating an intentional focus on impact and purpose.

As they say, “Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.” Our state of mind affects how we perceive the challenge and ultimately the actions we take or avoid. Now more than ever, we are being forced to prioritize what really matters before taking that next step forward.

Here are some of the reasons why clients have reached out to me:

  • Navigating challenging relationship dynamics with board, staff, or other stakeholders.
  • Feeling stuck, in transition, or unsure about what’s next.
  • Struggling to get to the next level in work, life, and/or relationships
  • Seeking more achievement, success, balance, and fulfillment.
  • Getting more done in less time.

As your coach, here is the support I will provide:

  • Provide the structure and focus needed for you to stay in action.
  • A deeper understanding of your strengths and blind spots.
  • Be an objective listener, and provide honest feedback all in service to you.
  • The ability to resolve conflict and solve-problems with less effort.
  • Hold you accountable to action in between our calls.

“With the help of Wes and his coaching, I have learned to appreciate my strengths and respect my shortcomings. Together, we were able to break issues down into smaller and actionable tasks, enabling me to accomplish things that seemed impossible from the beginning. My management skills, conflict resolution skills, and planning skills have developed tenfold.”

Sean Swetz, Customer Learning Experience Manager

Contact me to take the next step to explore whether coaching would help you reach your goals. 


Take the next step to explore whether coaching would help you reach your goals.

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