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What’s required to earn a reputation for being an effective leader or a best place to work?

In today’s multicultural world, it means creating an environment that leverages diversity to fuel innovation, welcomes all perspectives and enables everyone to thrive. Easier said than done. The challenge is what makes us different – our experiences, cultural norms, beliefs and styles – impacts what each of us needs to be successful. A one-size fit all approach makes becoming an employer of choice talent harder than ever.

For more than 25 years I have served as a trusted advisor to a wide range of private sector, nonprofit and government clients helping them set and achieve their goals.  Those successful at increasing employee engagement and building brand loyalty had three things in common:

  1. Authenticity: Actions that demonstrated a true commitment to nurturing an inclusive culture.
  2. Transparency: Communicated goals, measures of success and updates on progress.
  3. Accountability: Assigned responsibility for achieving outcomes.

If your organization is struggling to attract and retain talent that reflects the diversity of today’s workforce, having an objective thought partner helps identify relevant gaps and recommend course corrections capable of optimizing overall performance.

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Strategy Consulting