“I was at a crossroads in my career path. Engaging with Wes as my coach was one of the best decisions I made during a period of professional change. We worked together with intention and purpose.

Over several months, I reached a new level of self-assuredness. Developing and adhering to my personal mission statement allowed me to transition to my next opportunity deliberately and ensured it aligned with my own values. He is the ideal combination of thoughtful, perceptive, encouraging, and honest.”

Jeff Kost

“Throughout my professional career, I often struggled with being confident in my decision making for fear of taking the wrong course of action. With the help of Wes and his coaching, I have learned to appreciate my strengths and respect my shortcomings. Together, we were able to break issues down into smaller and actionable tasks, enabling me to accomplish things that seemed impossible from the beginning. My management skills, conflict resolution skills, and planning skills have developed tenfold. With his guidance and support, I am growing into the leader that my team needs, and someone I am proud of. ”

Sean Swetz, Customer Learning Experience Manager

“My coaching sessions with Wes have been extremely transformative. Before working with Wes, I often second-guessed my decisions and looked to others to validate them. After a few months coaching with Wes, I have increased self-confidence in my ability to make sound choices. Wes really helped me to understand my core values and how to include activities in my life that will bring me more happiness. Wes’s empathetic and curious leadership style brought out the best in me and coaching with Wes was such a transformative experience for me!”

Amara Anigbo, Product Manager, Mixed Reality

“For twenty years, I had a first row seat to witness Wes Combs’ pioneering work recognizing, understanding and measuring the success factors that make inclusion and diversity leadership a reality. He also has a proven capability that combines critical thinking with the passion for communicating the right values — exactly the combination that empowers an organization or a business leader to act with confidence.”

Bob Witeck, President,
Witeck Communications, Inc.

“Wes is a trusted advisor who has proven experience guiding leadership teams on how to develop diversity and inclusion strategies that produce results. He understands that it takes a combination of facts and staying true to your core values to effectively and authentically connect with customers, which is critical to establishing and strengthening brand loyalty. He does this with a view to the long term.”

Arne Sorenson, CEO,
Marriott International

“Wes was instrumental unifying the management of our diversity programs. He ensured a best-in-class approach to help drive a more comprehensive dialogue about diversity and inclusion across the leadership teams and the BCG partnership. We have moved a great deal as an organization over the past two years as a team, in part due to the role Wes has played.”

Mel Wolfgang, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group