“Wes is a trusted advisor who has proven experience guiding leadership teams on how to develop diversity and inclusion strategies that produce results. He understands that it takes a combination of facts and staying true to your core values to effectively and authentically connect with customers, which is critical to establishing and strengthening brand loyalty. He does this with a view to the long term.”

Arne Sorenson, CEO,
Marriott International

“Wes was instrumental unifying the management of our diversity programs to ensure a best-in-class approach and to help drive a more comprehensive dialogue about diversity and inclusion across the leadership teams and the BCG partnership. We have moved a great deal as an organization over the past two years as a team, in part due to the role Wes has played.”

Mel Wolfgang, Senior Partner and Managing Director,
The Boston Consulting Group

“For twenty years, I had a first row seat to witness Wes Combs’ pioneering work recognizing, understanding and measuring the success factors that make inclusion and diversity leadership a reality. He also has a proven capability that combines critical thinking with the passion for communicating the right values — exactly the combination that empowers an organization or a business leader to act with confidence.”

Bob Witeck, President,
Witeck Communications, Inc.