Situation: A global automaker recognized more and more companies were marketing their products to LGBT consumers – including some of their competitors. Research showed that the LGBT segment was highly sought after due to their higher discretionary income compared to the average household. They were also extremely brand loyal to businesses known for creating LGBT welcoming workplaces.

Intervention: In the past, the company’s marketing team had learned targeting niche markets such as African-Americans and Hispanics required a keen understanding of the customer as well as the ability to communicate authentically and respectfully. They issued a request for proposal seeking the services of a subject matter expert that could assess their competitive position, quantify the market opportunity, develop a strategy and execute the plan.

Impact: They chose Wes for the project because of his proven experience helping brands increase their market share with multicultural consumers. He began by conducting a market research study to determine what product functions and features resonated most with this customer segment. His analysis also compared the company’s workplace policies to other best practice firms to identify any gaps that could negatively impact their brand value proposition. Finally, he conducted a landscape assessment of potential non-profit organizations to partner with to help build trust with the consumer. The result was an award-winning marketing campaign that not only boosted sales over a multi-year period but demonstrated a true commitment to the market.