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Working Towards More Diverse Leadership Through Coaching

Your Content Goes Here On any given day, the news cycle is filled with discouraging news – from lack of equity in the make-up of corporate leadership to racism in the theater industry. Take, for instance, data cited in a recent Mercer study. In their 2020 global report, Mercer’s [...]

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Aligning Passion and Employment

Your Content Goes Here I am often asked “how can I align my passion for giving back with my role at work?” As a coach, my goal is to help others identify their passion(s) and provide guidance about how they can incorporate and hold in high esteem these passions [...]

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Racial Justice Competency Is No Longer An Optional Leadership Skill

Your Content Goes Here During this unprecedented time, we are starved for authentic leadership. When confronted with a crisis like the aftermath of the George Floyd’s unjustified killing, leaders often seek perspectives from sources they trust to help assess the situation and to develop options for the path forward. [...]

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Inclusive Leadership in a COVID-19 World

Your Content Goes Here What makes people feel included in organizations? How can a business leader make sure that their employees feel like they are welcomed in the organization; that they are treated fairly, respectfully, are valued and belong? Over the past decade, many organizations have sought to answer these [...]

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Making An Impact With Coaching

Making An Impact With Coaching I don’t know about you but lately I keep asking myself this question: How can I make the most impact in this unsettling time? Even with billions of dollars in financial assistance for employers and stay-at-home orders, the slow pace of progress defeating [...]

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Lessons from Starbucks: Being a good corporate citizen can help weather the storm when controversy arises

Your Content Goes Here Every day we continue to read about organizations whose actions appear to conflict with their pledged support of diversity and inclusion. In the case of Starbucks, this came in the form of video footage capturing the arrest of two African-American men [...]

Closing the racial and gender parity gap: 5 trends funders and non-profits must know to maintain charitable giving momentum in 2018

For more than 25 years, I have actively involved in the fight for social justice and equity as a volunteer, funder and consultant. As I look back on what transpired over the past year, 2017 was like no other in my lifetime. I witnessed an alarming number of polarizing arguments [...]

Five lessons non-profits can learn from corporations about winning the war for talent

It seems that every day there are media stories about challenges Silicon Valley continues to face regarding the diversity of their workforces.  While these technology CEOs have pledged to increase ethnic, racial and gender representation, data shows there has been little to no progress.   More troubling, the flood of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein [...]

Applying these five guiding principles to your corporate citizenship strategy helps attract/retain diverse talent and customers

Reputation matters when it comes to winning the war for diverse talent...especially in Silicon Valley.  Facing pressure from Jesse Jackson to increase ethnic and racial diversity in their workforces, technology firms have pledged they could and would do. Despite increased investment in training, diversity and inclusion (D&I) expertise and benefits, data released by Facebook, Apple [...]

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Will the Uber Report serve as the tipping point for the diversity and inclusion business case?

Houston…Silicon Valley still has a diversity problem.  Last week Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to resign in response to mounting pressure from investors following an investigation into allegations of rampant sexual harassment at the technology juggernaut he founded. Faced with a public relations crisis and concerns from key investors, Uber’s board of directors engaged [...]

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