Case Study: Strategy Optimization for Global Automaker

Situation: A global automaker recognized more and more companies were marketing their products to LGBT consumers - including some of their competitors. Research showed that the LGBT segment was highly sought after due to their higher discretionary income compared to the average household. They were also extremely brand loyal to businesses known for creating [...]

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Case Study: Best Practice and Benchmark Analysis

Situation: One of the world's leading academic and research institutions had established a reputation as a credible contributor to the study of gender in the workplace. They also recognized that today's global and multicultural environment was increasing the need for graduates to have an understanding of how diversity and inclusion impacted organizational performance. Being [...]

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Case Study: Strategy Design for Multinational Consulting Firm

Situation: A multinational consulting firm had several successful diversity and inclusion efforts and initiatives focused on the recruitment in place. The leadership team recognized a need to strengthen this foundation and supercharge the existing efforts in the short term, but also, in the medium term, increase the awareness of diversity across the organization, improve [...]

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